Divorce Representation:

Zamani & Associates did a fantastic job representing me in my divorce and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. They walked me through the entire process and assisted with the unique challenges that were associated with my case. From negotiating the marriage settlement agreement, to the divorce hearing, the communication always made me feel like my best interests were at heart. Zamani & Associates comes highly recommended!!!

From an adoption client…:

You are my champion. To you and your staff, … Thank you for helping us across the finish line. You have brought peace and happiness to my family in many ways.

Consultant divorcing from her life-long spouse:

THANK YOU to the team at Zamani and Associates! You are so caring and considerate. My situation involved a domestic violence issue coupled with a divorce and child custody. You handled my case with attention to detail and you were so sensitive to all of the emotions involved. This would not have been resolved so quickly and efficiently had it not been for your team. I will be forever grateful to you for finding a way to a resolution that was acceptable to all.

Client’s parents in a hotly contested custody matter:

[We] are so incredibly thankful and appreciative to all of you for ensuring that this day has arrived. Neither of us seem to be able to stop crying for any length of time so far today….we are overwhelmed with emotion. Other than our kids’ educations and weddings, switching to this law firm is the best investment we ever made. Life is only and always about family…. Thank you all for doing what you do and doing it so well.

Business owner regarding preparation of a prenuptial agreement:

I feel that your approach towards the prenup was measured, gentle, succinct, and effective. You understood my wants and needs and you swiftly navigated through safe waters, despite me in some instances … You were responsive, effective and high quality. So, as you can see, I am pleased with you personally and professionally. Way to go, Z&S. I hope to never need your help again, but if I do I know I will be in good hands.

Husband regarding representation in his divorce matter:

You guys rock! Thanks for everything.

Business owner regarding representation:

I have had two separate and distinct opportunities to work with [Zamani & Associates] and in each instance they were professional, astute, caring and supportive of me in accomplishing the work that needed to be done. Once I retained this dynamic duo, I was able to ‘turn it over to the professionals.’ I cannot say enough how much it means to me to have capable and competent legal representation.

Same-sex couple who worked with us in adoption proceedings:

You have been legal guardian angels for our family over the past year and I just want to thank you again, so very much, for all your help constructing the various legal protections and frameworks our family needed.

Mom regarding representation in complex divorce and custody matter who endured domestic violence:

I appreciate all your truly professional work throughout the last year… Knowing that I am working with such a competent and caring team is truly comforting.

Consultant regarding representation in a civil protective order matter:

Thank you for handling this case so well and for this email that brought tears to my eyes.

Public personality regarding representation to enforce prenuptial agreement and in divorce proceedings:

Thank you so much for your hard work and especially taking the time to get to know my family and me. I want you both to know that you have given me the ultimate gift of strength. At times, I wasn’t sure if I could survive and pull through. You understood my story from the beginning. Sending you all the love, happiness and respect in this world.

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