“A Collaborative Case Study” by Sogand Zamani in ADR Section Report

Zamani & Scott Law Partner Sogand Zamani was featured in the June 2013 Maryland State Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) Section Report.  Sogand’s article, “A Collaborative Case Study,” focuses on the impact and effectiveness of Collaborative Practice.  Collaborative Practice is a peaceful, holistic and economical out of court approach to addressing client disputes by placing demands on the participants that are memorialized in a Participation Agreement that each party and professional signs. This out of court, team-based approach to resolving disputes can help clients achieve resolution more swiftly, effectively and sensitively than adversarial litigation.

Sogand’s article features a case study of a recent family law Collaborative case, “The Affair,” which demonstrates the effectiveness of the Collaborative process, the gains to the client and the parties’ family, and the economies of scale achieved.

Read and review Sogand’s article here:  ADR Spring 2013 Report