Sogand Zamani and Sara S. Scott Quoted in Washington Lawyer Magazine

We are excited to announce that our attorneys, Sogand Zamani and Sara S. Scott, were quoted in the cover story of the July/August edition of the Washington Lawyer Magazine, entitled “Reproductive Technology and the Law.” The article provides a comprehensive look at the complications and challenges related to litigating and regulating reproductive issues, such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and surrogacy. As Sogand is quoted, “There is no federal law on the subject of assisted reproduction, as it is a state law issue, but perhaps there should be some regulation at the state level of surrogacy agencies, as with adoption agencies.” Since the laws regulating surrogacy are so new in some states, attorneys must be careful in drawing up detailed contracts that outline every component of the agreement and terms. One potential ethical issue is the compensation of the gestational carrier. In the article, Sara reiterated the importance of clarifying this aspect in the surrogacy agreement: “With respect to compensating a gestational carrier, the contract should indicate that the compensation is for the inconvenience of being pregnant.”

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