October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Every October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month (“DVAM”) is observed to bring light to this important issue that affects our local community in a big way.  Approximately one in four women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime and young people between the ages of 16-24 experience domestic violence at even higher rates.  In the District of Columbia, the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department receives a domestic violence-related telephone call every 17 minutes.  Given these staggering statistics, DVAM is an important way for the community and individuals to get educated on these issues and to prevent domestic violence from occurring.  To that end, during the month of October, many local domestic violence organizations have organized community outreach and awareness raising events in and around the Washington metropolitan area, including:

–          Thursday, October 24th Purple Thursday: wear something purple on Thursday, October 24th to honor victims and support survivors of domestic violence

–          October 28-30th: the Clothesline Project will be featured on the National Mall, where survivors will tell their stories of abuse and empowerment through art on t-shirts that are displayed on a clothesline held by victim advocates and volunteers.

A complete list of scheduled events can be found at the D.C. Coalition against Domestic Violence (DCCADV) website: http://www.dccadv.org/img/fck/file/DVAM%20Calendar%202013(3).pdf